Homework 4

In this homework you will have to write two additional @testsets for the Ecosystem. One testset should be contained in a file test/sheep.jl and verify that the function eat!(::Animal{Sheep}, ::Plant{Grass}, ::World) works correctly. Another testset should be in the file test/wolf.jl and veryfiy that the function eat!(::Animal{Wolf}, ::Animal{Sheep}, ::World) works correctly.

How to submit?

Zip the whole package folder Ecosystem.jl and upload it to BRUTE. The package has to include at least the following files:

├── src
│   └── Ecosystem.jl
└── test
    ├── sheep.jl  # contains only a single @testset
    ├── wolf.jl   # contains only a single @testset
    └── runtests.jl

Thet test/runtests.jl file can look like this:

using Test
using Ecosystem

# ...

Test Sheep

  1. Create a Sheep with food probability $p_f=1$
  2. Create fully grown Grass and a World with the two agents.
  3. Execute eat!(::Animal{Sheep}, ::Plant{Grass}, ::World)
  4. @test that the size of the Grass now has size == 0

Test Wolf

  1. Create a Wolf with food probability $p_f=1$
  2. Create a Sheep and a World with the two agents.
  3. Execute eat!(::Animal{Wolf}, ::Animal{Sheep}, ::World)
  4. @test that the World only has one agent left in the agents dictionary